About Us

Kreeda bharti was founded in the year 1992 with a vision to build a “FIT INDIA – HIT INDIA”. Kreeda bharti envisages participation and development of all Indians by promoting traditional sports along with established sports. Kreeda bharti aims to empower nation building through character building by sports.
Kreeda bharti dedicatedly works for building India a leading nation on all international sports platform and develop a sports culture across the nation.

Creation of character from sports, creation of character from nation “With this realization sentence, Kreeda Bharati was established in Pune (Maharashtra) in the year 1929 for the creation of a nation of healing through sports. The main objective of Kreeda Bharati is other Along with the established games, the traditional games of indigenous games and rural areas have to be promoted, so that all sections of the society come and play on the field. Through it, the spirit of national character should be built in the player by acquiring a healthy body, sharp intellect, mental and values.
“Kreeda Bharati” is the form of Sanghatana, considering all the sports without thinking of any one game. After the expansion of work in Maharashtra, in the year 2009, Kreeda Bharati to expand into All India. India Establishment of Kreeda Bharati It was chaired by Chetanji Chauhan. Work has started in almost all the provinces of the country in the last four years.

Kreeda Bharati’s Bodhichin

The Bodhichin of any organization, briefly introduces that institution, only the Bodhichinh gives all the talk of the organization, the appropriate Bodhichin Kreeda reveals the task and goal of Bharati.
On the development of the body, intelligence and mind, the work and goal of Kreeda Bharati is focused on these trigonas. The equilateral triangle is a symbol of this. The development of the body and the development of the intellect on the faith of the sacrament on the mind are the lines of the equilateral triangle.
Topmost equilateral triangle is also the Mars symbol of Indian culture. Kreedajyot is an introduction to the game. We have to increase our composition in the sports world. Agni shows purity.
Our aim is to create a pure body with healthy body and pure intellectual development. Purity by Agni is a test of our pure work. We have to do our work all over the world. That is why we have inscribed the symbol under the circular, equilateral triangle of the Earth form.