Kreeda bharati was founded in the year 1992 with a vision to build a “FIT INDIA – Sports ExamSports Examination: Sports Science Examination is conducted to increase interest in sports among students and parents. The question paper is given to the children to solve from home. HIT INDIA”.%20%20 Kreeda Gyan ParikshaEXAMINATION PROCESS:-You can appear for this online examination through mobile, laptop, tablet, and desktop. क्रीड़ा भारती की स्थापना साल 1992 में खेलों के माध्यम से ‘स्वस्थ्य भारत – समर्थ भारत’ का निर्माण हो यह ध्यान में रखकर की गई। देश के अन्य स्थापित खेलों के साथ-साथ स्वदेशी खेलों को भी बढ़ावा मिले तथा समाज के सभी

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FAQ - क्रीडा भारती

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Q. When is the Kreeda knowledge test?
A. The exam date is 11 september 2022 and the timing is 10:00 AM.


Q. By what means will the exam be passed?
A. Kreeda knowledge test will be given through online mode on mobile, computer and tablet.


Q. How will the exam be given?
A. The examination can be started by login to the website on the day of examination with the ID and password sent after registration.
Please use this link to resend your user-id & password


Q. Who can participate in the Kreeda knowledge test?
A. Anyone above 12 years of age can appear in the examination but the award will be given only to students in the age group of 12 to 25 years.


Q. What is the syllabus of the exam?
A. Questions related to sports and sportspersons will come in the syllabus of the sports knowledge test. The curriculum will have a special focus on indigenous sports.


Q. How to register for Kreeda knowledge test?
A. The registration of Kreeda knowledge test can be done in three ways:
• Go to the Kreeda Bharti website and go to the registration option.
• Give a missed call on +91 78-9166-9166 number provided by Kreeda Bharti.
• Can the barcode provided by Kreeda Bharti.


Q. How many people can be registered with one mobile number?
A. Only one person can be registered with one mobile number.


Q. Payment is not working through PhonePe and Google Pay!
A. Due to technical fault, registration is possible only through PayTM, Credit/Debit Card and Net Banking.


Q. What to do in case the payment could not be made after registering?
A. After login to the website with the id and password given in the message received after registration, you will see the option of depositing the fee from where you can deposit the fee.


Q. Is it mandatory to take the exam from the phone from which the registration has been done?
A. The exam can be given through any phone or computer All you need to remember is your ID and Password.


Q. What is the last date to register for the exam?
A. The last date to register is __ August.


Q. What to do in case of any problem in registration or login?
A. For any kind of problem or information related to the exam you can contact on +91 87-3988-3988.

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