Shree hanuman jayanti

Hanuman Jayanti Chaitra Purnima started the work of Kreeda Bharati. Hence, various programs and competitions are organized on the birthday of Shri Hanuman, a model of strength, intelligence and tact. This day is celebrated as Kreeda Bharati Foundation Day.

Bhupendra Singh Rathore said that the game starts from our birth itself. Babies move their arms and legs to run their food and life which also includes yoga. Through Kumbhak and laxative action, the baby keeps his body balanced.

Instructors of various sports, heads of yoga and exercise schools were present in the seminar organized on this occasion. Everyone expressed their views and said that there is a great need for sports and yoga in nation building.

Dr. Navneet Kumar said that today foreigners are getting attracted to yoga practice. Through sports and yoga, our body remains healthy and the mind remains healthy. If the mind is healthy, every goal of ours can also be achieved.

Dr. Bhupendra Singh Rathore Program President, Navneet Kumar Head of Yoga Department, National Sanskrit Sansthan Triveni Nagar, Yoga Professor of Rajasthan University Ramakant Mishra, National President of Kreeda Bharati and Olympian Gopal Saini were also present.

The program was inaugurated by lighting a lamp in front of Hanuman’s picture. Meghsingh area convenor Kreeda Bharati proposed.